Individual Supports

Since 1981 Community Based Services has been earning trust through commitment and compassion in caring for people with developmental disabilities. Based on the growing need for individual support services in the Hudson Valley and Taconic regions, CBS offers Medicaid Service Coordination, Day Habilitation, Prevocational Services, Supported Employment, Community Habilitation, Respite, and ISS. As with our residential staff, CBS offers caring, well trained staff, close supervision and oversight, and activities that address the interests, abilities, and changing needs of each person we support. Funding for individual support services must be secured by the person through his or her DDRO. Once services have been approved, individuals and their families may depend on CBS to deliver the same quality services that we have been providing in our residential program since 1981.

Service Coordination is the “starting point” for a person to access supports and services he/she desires and needs. Community Based Services provides experienced, professional staff to assist people in navigating the system to access the services they need. Our Service Coordinators are strong advocates and embrace the concepts of individual choice and person centered planning.

Our Service Coordinators create relationships with people based on trust and understanding to ensure they reach their desired goals. They provide service linkage and maintain communication with service providers, social services, medical and clinical providers and educational resources.

For more information, please contact:
Regina Filannino, R.N., BSN, Director of Family Support Services
(914) 277-4771 Ext. 170

CBS is accepting applications for participants in this exciting program offered in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County.

CBS offers a comprehensive Day Habilitation program that allows participants to engage in volunteer and recreational  opportunities in their community. Our Day Hab participants receive programming that reflects their interests and builds skills using the surrounding community as a classroom. Day Hab is conducted in small groups, each with its own vehicle and a 2:6 staff ratio in the community, with door to door transportation provided to every participant. Many participants who start out in our Day Hab are able to transition to our Prevocational Services.

Our Cultivating Dreams addition is a program with a strong emphasis on agriculture and community inclusion. “Where individual growth is nurtured and dreams blossom.” Within this program participants are offered agricultural skills training, volunteer opportunities, socialization, physical exercise, and recreational activities. This location also offers a Life Skills Center. Here individuals can be taught the necessary skills required to maintain a home, care for themselves and their personal belongings.

For more information, please contact:
Betty Rivadeneira, Director of Day Programs
(914) 277-4771 Ext. 150

Community Habilitation is an HCBS Waiver service which provides trained, compassionate staff to assist people in skill building and promoting independence. This service takes place in a non certified setting, such as a person’s home with his/her family. People who receive this support are encouraged to engage in activities that help promote their independence. Community Habilitation Plans, as part of the ISP, are developed in accordance with the person’s valued outcomes with the input of the individual, his/her family and natural supports, the Medicaid Service Coordinator, and the service provider.

Respite services are available for people and their families on an hourly basis. Respite provides an opportunity to caregivers to take some needed time off from caring for a family member with a disability. Respite provides peace of mind in knowing that a loved one is being cared for by an experienced professional while the family member attends to his or her own appointments or takes a well-deserved break.

Our Poughkeepsie Respite location offers an interactive environment where individuals can engage in peer socialization, and skill building activities that help develop independence.

For more information, please contact:
Shannon Harris, Community Habilitation and Respite Manager
(914) 277-4771 Ext. 146

Our support services are available for people who have been approved for billing units for Day Habilitation, Community Habilitation and Respite and are enrolled in the Home and Community Based Services Waiver. If you have been approved, but have not been able to obtain services, and you would like to choose CBS as your provider, please contact us.

CBS is committed to increasing the number of individuals employed in fully integrated settings. CBS recognizes the need for a customized vocational plan for every person seeking employment. To this end we provide Prevocational and Supported Employment services through the HCBS Waiver. CBS supports OPWDD’s  Pathway to Employment initiative, a wrap around service to existing Prevocational and Supported Employment programs, to provide additional supports in job readiness training.

In an effort to support people in the pursuit of their dreams, CBS offers opportunities for a blended program of Day Habilitation Without Walls and pre-employment training. Our staff are currently assisting local school districts in transitioning graduating students to available programs upon graduation from high school. Individuals seeking employment opportunities receive comprehensive training in pre-employment skills, supports in workplace behavior and assessment of job skills. Through volunteer opportunities, internships and on the job training, individuals gain valuable skills to prepare them for competitive employment.

For more information, please contact:
Dan Calcutti, Vocational Manager
(914) 277-4771 Ext. 191

Good Reasons is a social enterprise whose mission is to create scrumptious, all natural dog treats while providing employment for people with autism and other disabilities. Good Reasons launched in the summer of 2014, providing integrated work settings for those people who are able to volunteer, participate in job skills training and/or become competitively employed.  Please visit to learn more about our mission.

For more information, please contact:
Kelly Apfel, Communications and Development Manager
(914) 277-4771 Ext. 127