Residential Services

Residential services for people with developmental disabilities

Community Based Services operates ten residences within Westchester County for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. The goal of each of our homes is to provide a safe and meaningful life for the individual, and to accommodate each person’s unique preferences and personality. CBS homes are each situated within a quiet residential neighborhood and each relatively modest in size to consistently provide close oversight and attentive service.

Our 10 homes are Individualized Residential Alternatives. This designation indicates that, with assistance, people residing in the home are generally capable of accessing additional necessary clinical services in their community. People in the IRA are generally capable of personal advocacy, initiating preferred activities, and personal care with minimal assistance from staff.

Our residential sites focus on providing an environment that promotes the comfort of each individual. Personal choices are respected with in-house activities, as well as when planning and attending community-based activities, such as personal shopping, entertainment, and social interests.

Some of CBS homes are co-ed, and provide twenty-four hour support. CBS has one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry; our direct support professionals get to truly know and understand each of the people they support. We assist with personal hygiene, laundry, shopping, medical care and transport, and coordinate all services. In addition, CBS has an unrivaled reputation for fiduciary responsibility in managing each individual’s fiscal needs.

Many of the people we support will spend most of their adult lifetime with us. It is a sacred trust that we are proud to honor. Every day, CBS works hard to make sure that all individuals, along with their families, are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.