Community Based Services, Inc. is committed to ensuring that the people we support are treated and cared for with dignity and respect and believes that training is essential to that commitment. We therefore provide a wide variety of training covering issues and responsibilities in caring for the people we support. All CBS support staff are provided with a variety of ongoing monthly in-services that are tailored for the needs of each program. New employees receive a wide range of education that includes both hands-on and classroom instruction.

Some of the topics offered include:

Residential Services Orientation

This orientation provides a brief overview and history of residential services. We examine how residential group homes became a reality for thousands of people with disabilities. Participants explore different facets and expectations involved with providing a quality residential program. This training also provides a brief history of CBS.

Clinical Orientation

Reviews the clinical services that are provided to the people we support. Participants gain understanding and establish the importance of their roles as caregivers. We discuss the benefits and elements of a team-oriented approach.

Nursing Orientation

Reviews medical information and conditions that people we support may potentially face. Participants learn practical guidelines and protocols of what to do in medical emergencies and established procedures that are designed to protect the people we support and staff.

CPR Course

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a combination technique of chest compressions and breaths that can restore oxygenated blood to the brain. After completing this class, staff are prepared to act in a life-threatening situation and perform CPR. This course follows the guidelines according to the American Red Cross.

Human Resources Orientation

An opportunity to meet individually with the Human Resources Department and review requirements specific to a position. New employees review the benefits CBS has to offer and policies and procedures. Participants also experience an in-depth training that defines sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, diversity training, corporate compliance, and HIPAA compliance.

SCIP–R Training

Participants discover a proactive approach to interacting with those who are developmentally disabled. Participants learn to create an environment that will decrease behaviors and identify warning signs before a crisis occurs. Instructors provide hands-on training in the approved techniques that will be useful when a crisis occurs. All participants receive certification upon completion of this course.