A Week to Honor Direct Support Professionals

  1. Community Based Services DSP Week

CBS is excited to celebrate Direct Support Professional Week (DSP) Week from September 12-18. Recognized annually, DSP Week highlights the dedicated and innovative team members who are the backbone of supporting persons with special needs. Often overlooked, the importance of a DSP’s ability to develop a trusting relationship with a person receiving support cannot be overstated. These relationships, forged by the DSP’s genuine care for another person, create the opportunity for persons with special needs to share and achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals. DSPs work tirelessly, around the clock, with the goal of ensuring that each person receives the highest level of care and is supported with becoming the best version of himself or herself.

There are many ways that CBS direct support professionals are celebrated during DSP Week. First, CBS values its DSP staff by issuing bonuses to all full time, part time and per diem DSPs. Second, incentive funds provided by the agency are used creatively by house supervisors to honor the hard work of their teams. In the past, DSPs have been celebrated with a meal, gift bags containing favorite snacks, and a board with positive messages for each team member. One home typically barbecues on the Wednesday evening of DSP week, allowing for the people who live in the home to celebrate along with the team. Third, our families have joined in by donating funds to gift teams with CBS branded gear, like water bottles, vests or coffee mugs. In addition, the agency has had CBS branded t-shirts made for each direct support professional.

A highlight of DSP Week is the nomination of Employee of the Year. DSPs from each program will vote, by secret ballot, for the team member they believe best promotes the agency mission. CBS looks forward to announcing the next Employee of the Year and honoring that person’s accomplishments.

CBS thanks all direct support professionals for their compassion, creativity and energetic work ethic!

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