CBS becomes a CQL accredited agency

Congratulations to Community Based Service, Inc.

I am thrilled to report that as of today Community Based Services (CBS) is an accredited CQL Agency.  Of course this is not the end but really the beginning of a shift in service delivery.  We will be forming committees that will assist us in meeting our goals of understanding and measuring each person’s wishes and desires and then becoming more accountable in helping them reach their desired outcomes.

The process of accreditation is not easy.  Only high quality organizations across the world are able to complete the process so it is with much pride that I share this information with you.  Of course, without your commitment, effort, integrity of care and the support you give our individuals each day none of this would be possible.

CBS is a great place to receive services and I truly believe we are getting better each and every day.  Thank you for the role that you play.  Everyone is important in the process and I ask that you continue to be a great caregiver, but to shift some focus on fostering independence and choice, greater community integration and engagement.  Please follow through on the activities that make each individual happy.  So if they have some favorite music – play it, if they enjoy the outdoors – take them, if they have a special person be sure they are given opportunity to see them.  All of these small things become very large and effective in enhancing lives.  We are a great team!  You are essential to it!   Thank you again!

Vicki Sylvester, CEO

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