Safety in the Workplace


I. Scope: Applies to all employees.

II. Purpose: To minimize the risk of workplace injuries and ensure a safe working environment.

III. Definition: To secure from harm and implement a course of action that may prevent injury.

IV. Policy Statement: Community Based Services, Inc. is concerned about employees’ safety and the safety of the individuals under our care. Community Based Services, Inc. will ensure that their homes are maintained and that guidelines are in place to minimize or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

V. Procedures:

A. Specific safety procedures for specialized equipment will be documented and posted near the equipment.

B. All employees will be in-serviced and should familiarize themselves with the operation of equipment prior to its use (i.e., van, wheelchair, van lifts).

C. Employees are required to notify their immediate supervisor of any dangerous condition (i.e., broken window), its source, and any attempts made at remediation. Supervisors are responsible for notifying the Maintenance Department of any problems located in the facilities. The Administrator on Call should also be notified of any unsafe conditions.

D. Specific procedures have been developed in such areas as fire safety, emergency evacuation, medication administration, communicable disease, proper lifting procedures, and first aid. All employees are required to comply with existing safety procedures in these and other areas.

E. House Supervisors will review environmental and van safety in-services with all employees as scheduled.

F. Employees are advised and in-serviced on required personal protective equipment. Items that could be dangerous to the wearer or individual such as sharp belt buckles, dangling jewelry, high heels or open-toe footwear are not allowed. Employees are encouraged to wear secure and nonskid shoes.

G. The Safety Committee will meet quarterly to review injuries and make recommendations to implement any changes that could minimize risk to staff and individuals.

H. Employees are required to follow all safety procedures. Employees who do not follow Agency safety procedures are subject to disciplinary action, which may include a written warning, suspension without pay and/or termination.

I. Supervisors will ensure that every employee is physically capable of performing his/her job duties, and that they are instructed in safe working procedures for their positions.

J. House Supervisors will conduct “environmental rounds” on a monthly basis. Any environmental hazards will be promptly reported to the Maintenance Department for correction.

K. Any employee who becomes injured in the course of employment must report it immediately to his/her supervisor as well as the Administrator-On-call (AOC). The Supervisor and AOC should report the injury to the Human Resources Department as soon as possible. A Staff Injury Report (PF-14) must be completed at the time of injury and should include a detailed written statement by the injured person and any witnesses. If the employee losses time from work or incurs more than one healthcare visit as the result of the injury, the Human Resources Department must be notified. Any injury that occurs during the course of employment will be covered under our Workers Compensation insurance (refer to policy FB-14).

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