Time Warner Cable News: Non-Profit Company Taking Bite Out of Dog Treat Business

A small non-profit company in the Hudson Valley is taking a bite out of the competitive dog treat business with a unique mission. Time Warner Cable News reporter Michael Howard has their story.


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BREWSTER, N.Y. — Inside a small building in Brewster, is the home of a unique business that’s been making six different flavors of healthy dog treats for close to a year.

The non-profit company called Good Reasons Dog Treats is a social-based enterprise of Community Based Services, an organization that provides individualized care for people with autism and developmental disabilities. Good Reasons currently employs eight of those people.

“Obviously in a tough economic environment people with disabilities are not the first people chosen to work and we started this company to give opportunity to them,” said Executive Officer Community Based Services Vicki Sylvester.

“I’ve looked everywhere looking for jobs, it was hard,” said worker John Boemio.

“We had some snow days this past winter and they were really bummed out they couldn’t come to work unlike most people who are happy,” said Sylvester.

It’s mission and products in the dog treat business is catching on. The goodies are made with all natural ingredients.

“They have a lot of human grade ingredients and everything on the bag you’ll be able to understand what it is,” said Sylvester.

Since they started production in Brewster and Poughkeepsie last year, an estimated 25,000 bags have been sold in stores like Adam’s, Petco and online.

Organizers say they plan on expanding and hope to hire more staff.

“There’s no profit for anybody, if we do have a surplus it goes back into the program,” said Slyvester.

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