Individualized care for people with autism and developmental disabilities in home- and community-based settings.

Founded by Kevin J. McCarthy in 1981, Community Based Services, Inc. (CBS) is a not-for-profit organization that provides the highest level of individualized care for people with autism and developmental disabilities. CBS offers…

Supported Employment (SEMP)
In-Home and Site-Based Respite
Community Habilitation
Day Habilitation Without Walls
Site-Based Day Habilitation
Residential Opportunities
Individualized Support Services (ISS)

Our mission is to provide each individual with the best possible quality of life through residential and community-based opportunities. Our strong, compassionate culture demands that all decisions be made with the individuals’ involvement and in their best interests. This is ensured through an innovative person-centered approach that delivers services based on the specific interests, abilities, and changing needs of each individual.


Our core values reflect what we consider most important in providing services.
All staff and stakeholders are asked to fully participate in upholding these values:

  • The person’s best interest is paramount in all decision making.

    We create a warm, friendly, and person-centered environment, ensuring that people are safe and that their individual choices are valued and respected.

    We respect and care for each person by promoting and practicing the “Golden Rule.”

    We have a caring and compassionate culture. Team members take pride in their work and are committed to a standard of excellence that encompasses innovation, collaboration, and knowledge gained through experience.

  • We provide supports to people that give them the opportunity to fully participate within their community in a manner that fosters personal relationships, independence, choice, fun, and positive individualized outcomes.

    We are committed to honest, ethical, and fair business dealings with all of our stakeholders.

    We develop a unified Treatment Team by promoting effective communication, valuing personal contribution, and by embracing and respecting differences.