Respite Care Gives Families a Break from Caregiving

Respite Care gives you a break from caring for a loved one with a disability. Taking time for self-care is an important part of caregiving. CBS provides innovative and engaging respite services so that you can have some quality time to yourself, spend time with your other children, go to appointments, or even take a vacation. Have peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for by an experienced and compassionate professional. Respite care takes place in your home or at one of our engaging locations.

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In-Home Respite Care

In-home respite care for children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities provides experienced and compassionate staff to give you a break from caregiving. While you are using the time for self-care, you can rest assured that our trained staff will attend to the physical, safety, social and recreational needs of your loved one. Your loved one’s independence and self-advocacy will be encouraged as appropriate through daily routines and making choices. CBS respite staff delight in engaging the people in their care through recreational, social, and skill-building activities. 

Respite Care at Cultivating Dreams

Respite Care at Cultivating Dreams Farm is an engaging and innovative program for loved ones whose families need support during the afternoons, evenings, and even weekends. The program is designed to bridge the gap between the ending of a day program and when the caregiver arrives home from work.

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Young man holding a chicken at Cultivating Dreams Farm Respite

On the weekends, Respite Care at Cultivating Dreams Farm offers a much-needed break for families by providing a holistic and enjoyable experience for their loved ones. Program participants explore the community during activity trips to museums, the beach, and visits to local farms and orchards.

Respite at Cultivating Dreams: Structure & Skill Development

The trained staff of Cultivating Dreams offer a variety of enriching activities for young adults
with autism and developmental disabilities within a fun and safe environment. The program’s life skills, movement, art, and agriculture coordinators design and facilitate a well-rounded and enriching schedule. Your loved one will enjoy socializing in the farmhouse and participating in skill-building and recreational outdoor activities on the Farm’s sprawling 10-acre property. Sample activities include cooking and baking in the farmhouse kitchen, watering the plants in the greenhouse, feeding the chickens, and playing basketball. A transition time and snack are built into the schedule and routine creates a sense of structure.


Eligibility & Enrollment


Obtain from OPWDD waiver for Respite Services. CBS can help navigate OPWDD Front Door.

Or Self-Pay

If you cannot obtain approval from OPWDD for the Respite fee waiver, you can pay out of pocket.


Contact Jennifer Havrilla on the CBS Welcome Team at 914-236-1128.

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