Hudson Valley InterArts

A man plays an acoustic guitar while his instructor holds the chords down on the neck of the guitar in the Hudson Valley InterArts Center

A Vibrant & Creative Arts Hub

As part of its enhanced programming, CBS is in a cultural partnership with the Hudson Valley InterArts Center (HVIA). Located in Patterson, NY, the InterArts Center is a vibrant and creative arts hub. People enrolled in CBS services can engage for a half or a full-day immersive experience in music, dance, arts and crafts, pottery and yoga.

Come be part of a community of artists who share the joy of creating in a safe and supportive environment. Through pairing mindfulness and meditative arts with creative arts, the InterArts Center also aims to support social and emotional health. We believe artistic expression and creativity can elevate each unique voice and story to enrich community for all.

Hudson Valley InterArts

Eligibility & Enrollment

Who Can Participate?

Activities (classes and instructions) at the Hudson Valley InterArts Center are open to anyone currently receiving services from CBS and to those who are not currently CBS participants.

How Do I Sign Up if I Am Not a CBS Participant?

The InterArts Center is open to all. If you are not already enrolled in a CBS program, you can still register for classes using the self-pay option. Please contact Taylor Martin via for more information.

How to Pay

1. Private Pay 2. Self-direction Budget 3. Personal Allowance
4. Work Income
5. Sponsorship of an Annual Membership

Ready to Get Started?

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