At Home Services - Community Habilitation for Children with Disabilities

A woman kneels by a wheel chair occupied by a young person. They are holding hands and are in the kitchen.

Community engagement is an important part of living a full and enriched life. With one-on-one help, your child can learn to be more independent in the home and in the community. The At Home Services – Community Habilitation program supports your child’s Life Plan and contains goal-oriented activities. 


A person can be authorized for At-Home Services Community Habilitation regardless of where he/she lives. Services are typically provided in the person’s home or non-certified community locations.


Community Habilitation supports can include:

  • adaptive skill development
  • community inclusion and relationship building
  • development of social skills
  • travel training
  • money management
  • leisure skills
  • appropriate behavior development to help the individual access their community
  • personal care
  • supervision
  • protective oversight
Our caring and creative support staff can assist you with the following goals:

Activities of Daily Living

Building Relationships


Travel Training


Recreational Interests

At Home Services – Community habilitation

Eligibility & Enrollment


Must have OPWDD waiver for Community Habilitation services.


Contact Jennifer Havrilla on the CBS Welcome Team at 914-236-1128.


If you need help navigating OPWDD Front Door CBS can help.

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