Community-Focused Day Habilitation Without Walls

Community-Focused Day Habilitation Without Walls for Adults with Disabilities

What does a supportive community feel like?  How does one develop identity while finding avenues for expression, vocation, and service?  Where can friendship meet care, creativity meet employment?  For over 40 years Community Based Services has been an innovative provider of day-habilitation services for people with disabilities in the Hudson Valley, cultivating individual sense of purpose, connection, and expression — all focused on creating valuable community involvement and relationships.  

Plethora of Choice

CBS offers a plethora of choice through its core day-hab programs, which allow people to choose and thrive within a set of programs that nourish the whole person — cooking, art, community service and volunteering, dance, music, gardening and nature connection, nutrition, sports and fitness, yoga and mindfulness, and professional skills training all blend in our vision of innovation and care.  These programs and skills overlap, blending sensory and participatory outlets within a place where gardening and art translate into farmers markets and graphic design, sports offers teamwork and agility, volunteering fosters relationships and a sense of service, and social and emotional intelligence.  Here these skills may also lead to employment for those that desire it.  These intentions and visions are all at the heart of our day-hab services, and they continue to grow with the evolving needs of our communities and the greater world. 

What do You Want to Learn?

So what is it you want to learn?  Where can you see yourself involved in community, and how can our diversity of programs help serve your individual purpose, and your own sense of identity in the greater family of the Hudson Valley?  

Through caring staff, innovative programming, community partners and professional instructors, CBS has been bridging the place where individual meets community, and independence meets interdependence.  This is where we meet, build purpose, and find how we may better live together.  

Sample our Programs

Come sample our programs or learn more by reaching out to our Welcome Team using the Get Started button above. 

Promote Your Goals

Participate in activities that promote your goals for work, recreation, and relationships

Access Community

Connect with people through CBS’s network of local community organizations

Develop Relationships

Create meaningful, natural friendships and feel a sense of belonging

Volunteer Work

Be a valued volunteer and gain work experience through local organizations

Door-to-Door Transport

CBS provides morning pick up and end of program day drop off

Multiple Locations

CBS supports people in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess & Orange Counties

Community spark Day Habilitation Without Walls

Eligibility & Enrollment


Must have OPWDD Waiver for Day Habilitation Without Walls

How to Enroll

1. Choose a care manager. 2. Enroll in OPWDD Waiver services through Front Door. 3. Contact Jennifer Havrilla on the CBS Welcome Team at 914-236-1128.


CBS can help you navigate OPWDD Front Door.

Ready to Get Started?

We look forward to supporting you. 

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