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At what age can individuals enter programs at Community Based Services, Inc?

CBS serves individuals with disabilities of all ages.

How can I access services for someone living in New York State who has developmental disabilities?

People who are seeking services for themselves or for a family member with developmental disabilities should contact the Developmental Disabilities Services Office (DDSO) responsible for services in the county of their residence. A staff person will respond to your request and an intake and evaluation will be scheduled on your behalf to determine eligibility for services, as well as your specific service needs.

How is the transition handled from living with one’s own family to a community residence?

Prior to admission, our team will meet with the individual and his or her family to gather information and develop an individualized transition plan, which may include visits to the group home and/or participation in scheduled activities. Between the time that the placement agreement is signed and the scheduled move-in date, our staff is trained regarding any conditions, needs or behaviors that are specific to the incoming individual.

What are not-for-profit voluntary providers, and what role do they play in providing services for people with developmental disabilities who live in New York State?

New York State relies on a partnership between the public and private sectors in order to best meet the needs of its citizens with developmental disabilities. The needs of individuals with developmental disabilities are met through active participation from parents, advocates, friends, and others, including not-for-profit providers. Voluntary provider agencies like Community Based Services, Inc. are located throughout the state of New York, and run programs for people with developmental disabilities that are authorized or certified by the state.

Not-for-profit agencies are governed by Boards of Directors, whose members are volunteers committed to assisting these agencies in carrying out their mission. Usually, these agencies have paid staff, and are led by an executive director who reports to the Board of Directors.

What kind of screening do CBS employees go through?

Personal reference, previous employment references, criminal background check and driver’s license screening is a requirement of employment for all Community Based Services, Inc. staff. Direct care staff are also required to attend state-regulated trainings on issues relative to their field of work.