CBS Families: In Their Own Words

My husband and I are so pleased with CBS. The staff and the caregivers are all respectful, caring, dedicated individuals that are so fortunate to care for our loved one. Our sister has been in the program for over 9 years and we are very pleased with how this organization is truly supportive and their main objective is their clients

Birdie and Pete R

From the top administrator to the direct care workers there is a sense of true caring and always striving to do the right thing. I have never met such compassionate people as a group. Not only do they endeavor to comply with the enormous amount of regulations that every agency is required to abide by, but they manage to do that plus deliver the care and loving environment so needed by the individuals whom they serve. The “open door” policy that they have brings comfort and trust which in my opinion is vitally important to the families. I cannot imagine any agency that can achieve what CBS has. Their philosophy is “the resident first

Joyce M

As parents of a fairly new member of the CBS family, we have been extremely happy with the quality of care our daughter receives from the direct care providers in her group residence. Not only are they patient and kind, but they also understand her needs, behavior patterns, and interests. All CBS personnel–direct support, managers, nurses, and clinicians-have made a special effort to help her adjust to her new home. We were especially appreciative during her recent hospitalization that 24 hour care was provided for the length of her stay. As parents we have an increased level of comfort knowing that she is well cared for and that we are encouraged to communicate any concerns with the appropriate persons, including administrative personnel. The residents and the direct care providers in our daughter’s home are truly becoming her family

Marilyn and Michael V

Our son Owen has been living happily in an IRA at CBS for 22 years now. He receives the extra supervision and care that he needs to lead a satisfying life. He has great affection for all the staff who are truly special people, caring, warm, and patient. It gives us great peach of mind to see him so content and well cared for. Thank you CBS for your dedicated service.

Rosaleen C