Man wiping down cabinets in his job placed by Community Based services

Reliable Workers Through SEMP

CBS recognizes the need for a customized vocational plan for every person seeking employment. Through Supported Employment (SEMP), people receive job skills training and job coaching support in a competitive employment environment.

When you pump gas at Flory’s Convenience & Deli in Mahopac, NY, you can rest assured that the pump handles have been freshly disinfected. And when you go in to make yourself a cup of coffee, just the way you like it, you will find the counters free of spills and fingerprints. This is because Mark  is on the job.

Mark has been employed at Flory’s for nine months through the Supported Employment program at CBS. In his role, Mark wipes down the counters and cabinets, organizes the displays, and keeps the coffee area organized and replenished. Outside the station, he disinfects the pumps and removes the garbage. In short, Mark keeps the store neat and organized, contributing to the great customer experience at Flory’s.

“I like to be out in the field,” says Mark, who was in a day program with another agency. “I get bored in my day program.”

Through the Supported Employment (SEMP) program at CBS, Mark has gained valuable work skills, such as communication, dependability, and work ethic. Engaging in the world of work, Mark enjoys connecting with people and being a productive part of the company. In addition to his experience at Flory’s, Mark has washed dishes at a restaurant and hopes to also work at a golf course.

As part of the employment program, Mark receives job coaching from Tom Mount. “I always convey to all the people that I serve that my main objective is to assist them in becoming better than they were yesterday,” says Tom. “I also use one of my favorite quotes – ‘Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew you could never fail.’” Tom’s coaching ensures that Mark meets and exceeds expectations while experiencing success in his job.

Community Based Services Job Coach with the person he supports at the gas station convenience store
Job Coach Tom Mount with Mark

Benefits for Businesses

The business owner benefits by having a best-matched candidate for the position. CBS trains the new employee for success in the role at no cost to the business. In addition, business benefits include:

  • Tax incentives
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Proven higher retention rates
  • Meeting goals for diversity and inclusion
  • Making a difference in someone’s life


CBS works with many businesses, including Instacart, Acme, and Materion. We stand behind our workers! They are prepared for the world of work with training in communication and computer skills, travel, and skill development in the community.

For More Information on Supported Employment

If you are a hiring manager who would like to learn more about CBS staffing services and the opportunities offered, please contact Director of Vocational Services Avinash Samaroo at 914-236-1126 or via email.



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