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National Disability Employment Awareness Month

This year's NDEAM theme is “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation.”

The people placed in competitive work environments by the CBS Jobs Services team play an important role in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. So, too, do the businesses that employ them. Their supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices open a world of possibility for people of all abilities.

CBS Business Partner: Materion

One such business partner is Materion, located in Brewster, NY. An advanced materials supplier, Materion’s guiding principles and values incorporate diversity and inclusion in authentic ways. The following statement can be found on Materion’s website (https://materion.com/about/diversity-and-inclusion-at-materion):

“We believe differences are not simply to be accommodated or accepted but embraced and valued as we continue to prioritize diversity and inclusion. For example, our Diversity and Inclusion Council works to promote open conversations, cultural events, and Employee Resource Groups.

Materion is committed to creating a workplace that rejects bias and discrimination while promoting an environment where employees feel safe, can express and be themselves, and most importantly, can thrive and succeed.”

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Erin H: Finding Success at Materion

Erin H. is thriving and succeeding as an employee at Materion. Erin began her position at Materion in July through CBS’s supported employment program. With the help of a job coach, Erin learned to scan product orders into Materion’s computer system, ensuring they go into the proper file destination. According to HR Director Jordan Zubini, Erin is already making a difference in the short time she has been part of the team at Materion.

“Every position contributes one way or another, and Erin’s work is taking some of the weight off of another employee allowing him to focus on a different project,” says Jordan.

As a valued member of the team, Erin is enjoying her work and contributing to the culture at Materion. “It keeps me busy, and it’s a different pace for me. They are nice once I got to know them,” says Erin.

“Personally, it’s wonderful to see her. She stops by to say hello, she interacts more with the people in her department, and she is picking up more hours. Other employees embrace her as well,” says Jordan.

CBS Jobs Services: Supporting the Equity Equation

CBS assists businesses with meeting their diversity and inclusion goals through its full service staffing agency. CBS provides reliable workers and helps train them for success at no cost. Businesses enjoy the many benefits, including tax incentives, and high retention rates. Learn more here.

Avi Samaroo, director of CBS’s Jobs Services department, works hard every month of the year helping people to research employment opportunities, learn how to interview, enter the work force, and succeed in their new roles. By focusing on ability and personal goals, Avi and his staff support people in reaching their full potential and strive toward greater independence.

It was through this program and others at CBS that Erin began her journey into the workforce. In addition to her post at Materion, Erin has been the receptionist at CBS since 2016. She is the first face visitors see as they are welcomed and assisted upon entry into the building. Erin credits her participation in the Without Walls (WoW) program for her success in both of her jobs. Through WoW, Erin has gained work skills by engaging in volunteer experiences. She has helped to deliver meals to the elderly with Meals on Wheels. She learned to harvest and prepare produce for sale at a local orchard.

“I believe the WoW program prepared me. A former job coach helped me with the interview process and training. It’s very rewarding,” she says.

The CBS Jobs Services team partners with many businesses, including Instacart, Flory’s, and Acme. For more information please visit here



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