$50,000 Grant from the Butler Foundation will Improve Health Outcomes

Enables Community Based Services to Create an Advanced Early Intervention Training Program for Front-line Direct Care Staff

Community Based Services (CBS), a nonprofit organization providing the highest level of individualized care for people with developmental disabilities and autism through residential and community-based programs, has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the J.E. and Z.B. Butler Foundation of Tarrytown, NY. The Butler Foundation shares a mission with CBS to change lives through life enhancing opportunities. The grant will improve health outcomes for the people with disabilities supported by CBS through the creation of an Advanced Early Intervention Training for nearly 130 front-line direct care staff. 

“Specialized, in-depth, intensive training is key to quality service and care of individuals with disabilities in order to maintain their health and maximize their potential.”

The grant fulfills a crucial post-pandemic need to train an incoming workforce, many who are new to disability care. Direct Care employees selected for the Advanced Early Intervention Training will be adequately prepared to monitor health conditions, report changes in baseline health, and coordinate early access to needed care.  

Persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities are particularly vulnerable to poor health outcomes due to limited – and in many cases, a complete lack of – communication skills needed to inform their healthcare providers of early symptoms. With the Advanced Early Intervention Training Program, direct care professionals will essentially become “the eyes and ears” for the people they support, improving health outcomes.  


“We are so grateful for this grant from the Butler Foundation as we try to address the complex needs of people we support in their homes.”

The grant has come at a crucial time. There is a growing need to serve more people with disabilities across our state. According to the New York State Department of Health about 1 in 5 of the adult, non-institutionalized population (about 3 million people) report an activity limitation.* More families than ever are requesting the help of CBS throughout Westchester County. Our most vulnerable neighbors are desperately in need of quality life-sustaining support. The training program ensures that new direct care staff will be prepared to the highest standard and safely meet those needs. 

CBS provides people with autism and other disabilities the best quality of life through residential and community-based opportunities. The agency has been enriching lives, providing jobs, and cultivating dreams for people with disabilities since 1981. For more information on this and other CBS programs, please visit https://commbasedservices.org/. 

* https://www.health.ny.gov/community/disability/prevalence.htm



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