Three participants in the play "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" wear costumes and hold decorated song books while standing in a black box theater with wooded scenery.

A New Idea for Gift-Giving

CBS has a great way to lighten your holiday shopping load this year. Give the gift of creativity and fulfillment!

As part of its enhanced programming, Community Based Services is pleased to announce a cultural partnership with Hudson Valley InterArts (HVIA). Located in Patterson, NY, the InterArts Center is fast becoming a vibrant and creative arts hub. People of all abilities can engage for a half or full-day immersive experience in music, dance, arts and crafts, pottery and yoga. 


Sponsor an Annual Membership to the Hudson Valley InterArts Center

A man plays an acoustic guitar while his instructor holds the chords down on the neck of the guitar in the Hudson Valley InterArts Center

An annual membership to Hudson Valley InterArts allows members to take unlimited art, music, drama and movement classes. Engaging in the arts is essential to the human experience. The arts have the power to bring people together and tackle the epidemic of loneliness. Art is transformative, allowing us to reflect and tend to other viewpoints while bringing joy and healing. During this giving season, why not consider the gift of creativity and fulfillment?

A Gift with Impact

By sponsoring an annual membership, your gift will have impact – bringing joy, creativity, improved physical fitness and fulfillment to everyone on your list. Anyone can give. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Spread the word! This gift provides rich experiences throughout all of 2023 and will lighten your holiday shopping load. 



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