The team of men and women who work at CBS Peekskill branch as they celebrate their one year anniversary.

Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the CBS Peekskill Branch

It's been a year marked by major accomplishments.

Happy Anniversary, CBS Peekskill Branch! The Peekskill team’s first lap around the sun most definitely calls for commemorating and celebrating all the wonderful projects and programs they headed up this year. They achieved this past year’s efforts through their three chief entities:


  1. Supportive Employment Program (SEMP), which nurtures vocational and independent life skills, and provides an on-site job coach;
  2. Community-based Prevocational Training Program (CBPT), which provides a personalized job game plan focused on desired employment paths, secures internships, and offers job skills training, ultimately leading to job employment, and lastly;
  3. Day Hab Without Walls, a volunteer and recreational service that prides itself on its connection between the broader Peekskill community and adults with all kinds of abilities.
People folding and packing up used clothing

With These Supports Adults of all Abilities Have Excelled

 Via these support systems, adults with all abilities excelled in:

  • maintaining the grounds of Croton Point Park and Peekskill Day Camp
  • landing internships at Table 9 Restaurant, BestBuy, Patriot Cleaners, Joann’s Fabrics, thrift stores, etc.
  • securing jobs at Stop and Shop Supermarket, Forever Yours Flower Shop, Croton Library, Walgreens Pharmacy, the Cortlandt Department of Environmental Services, and more
  • conducting local volunteer work such as assisting churches and synagogues with running events, carrying out a Meals on Wheels operation, delivering food and clothing donations, and beyond.

Danielle Facey, the day hab manager of Without Walls, shared that “we get constant phone calls” from local businesses, organizations, and community members to see if CBS’s volunteer workers of all abilities plan to consistently return and volunteer. 


“They love interacting with us as much as we love interacting with them."
Danielle Facey
Day Hab Manager

Parks Crew Does Stellar Job

Peekskill Services Supervisor Kultumi Davies mentioned how the parks cleaning crew has done a stellar job maintaining the grounds of Croton Point Park and Peekskill Day Camp, and they plan to expand their park efforts to FDR State Park this summer. She detailed how the crew does a phenomenal job cleaning the “grills, spreading out charcoal, assembling park benches and tables, raking leaves,” and more. Take this as your sign to go outside and enjoy the grounds!

A woman and man dressed in safety vests hold garbage bags and stand with their job developer in Peekskill NY where they help clean the streets as part of a job skills program made possible by WIN Waste

Peekskill's Signature Street Cleaning Program

Not to mention, the CBS Peekskill Branch accepted a $20,000 grant from WIN Waste Innovations in November of 2022, to support the street cleaning program that beautifies the historic downtown area. The funds ultimately aided the process of  adults realizing their dreams in Peekskill’s volunteer and job spheres this year. 

Congratulations to the CBS Peekskill Branch for a successful first year! 



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