A young man jumps high in the air as he navigates an obstacle course while his friends look on.

Friendly Competition Meets Fun During Family Field Day & BBQ

Friends of all abilities and their loved ones gathered at the picturesque FDR State Park for a thrilling day of activities.

The grill was sizzling, the aroma of BBQ burgers wafting through the air, as friends of all abilities and their loved ones gathered at the picturesque FDR State Park on June 16. Mother nature kept the rain at bay as the unforgettable Family Field Day & BBQ unfolded. It was a day filled with laughter, delicious food, and a plethora of exciting activities. The summer kick-off, organized by Director of Day Programs Betty Rivadeneira, brought together the vibrant CBS community and talented staff, fostering inclusivity, and creating lasting memories.

Activities Galore

two big teams compete in a tug-o-war event at FDR park

Field Day was not just about the food; it was an adventure-filled day packed with an array of activities that catered to everyone’s interests and abilities. From a friendly tug-of-war that tested strength and teamwork, to lively games of volleyball that brought out the competitive spirit, there was something for everyone to enjoy. The excitement soared as participants tackled a thrilling obstacle course, their determination shining through as they overcame challenges and embraced the thrill of victory.

a group of young men raise a colorful parachute over their heads at a park

For the more creatively inclined, face-painting stations offered an opportunity for self-expression and transformation. From vibrant designs to whimsical characters, faces were adorned with colors, showcasing individuality and sparking joy. Captivating Bubbles danced, while hula hoops twirled and a colorful parachute was lifted into the air evoking laughter and pure happiness.

A woman is painting the cheek of another young woman as two people look on.

Familiar Smiles and New Connections

Field Day served as a reunion for many, bringing together friends from Dutchess and Westchester Counties who had shared previous CBS events and activities. The joy of seeing familiar faces and rekindling friendships filled the atmosphere with warmth and a sense of belonging. It was a time to create new memories.

However, the event also welcomed parents and grandparents, introducing them to the inclusive and accepting community that CBS has cultivated. As they enjoyed the festivities, they quickly discovered the incredible spirit and camaraderie that permeated the gathering.

“It is a pleasure to see them out here doing. We have been very happy with CBS.”

The Family Field Day & BBQ at FDR State Park was an extraordinary celebration of unity, friendship, and inclusivity. Amidst the delicious food, thrilling activities, and genuine laughter, everyone was encouraged to shine in their own remarkable way. Field Day is one of the many ways CBS creates an environment where differences are embraced and celebrated, reminding us that everyone has unique talents and abilities to contribute.



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