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Young Artist at Hudson Valley InterArts Center Upholds Family Tradition of Creativity and Artwork

As child, Nicole would watched her father paint and she has big plans ahead in regard to her artistic pursuits.

Nicole S. always knew art was what she wanted to do from the time she was very young. She recounted her 5-year-old self frequently observing her father, an artist, drawing pictures of charming homes and animated clowns in his art studio. Nicole was undoubtedly inspired by his ability to create, and so she began to dabble in drawing, painting, and doing pottery starting in elementary school. Into her middle and high school years, she immersed herself in learning the dance styles of RnB, classical ballet, and jazz while simultaneously progressing her skills in the painting, drawing, and ceramic-making arenas. When her parents passed away in her high school years: her mother in 2009 and her father in May of 2014, “may they rest in peace”, Nicole felt empowered to carry on her father’s legacy of art. “By blood, I’m an artist,” she said.

Ever since her parents’ passing, Nicole has stopped at nothing to sustain her passion for art in their honor. In the classes she takes in the InterArts Center, she draws barns, fish, turtles, 3D boxes, and landscapes, and can guide anyone through the ceramic-making process like a pro. She details that drawing makes her happy, a ton of positive energy sources from her being creative, and seeing her hard work come together in one cohesive and final piece is a satisfying feeling. She intends to continue this form of self-expression by going to college and studying art. Through a college education, she hopes to touch the lives of others with art just like her father.

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About the Hudson Valley InterArts Center

The vision for the InterArts Center is to engage many more students like Nicole. Construction is underway as 15,000 square feet of pre-existing walls are being transformed into a diverse array of studios for creating music, art, dance, and pottery. A theater is also in the works. In these state-of-the-art spaces, friends of all abilities will be able to explore any creative avenue of their interest, whether that’s drawing, creating fashion garments, singing, dancing, yoga, pottery, theater, drumming, and beyond. And the beauty of offering all these classes is that there is no artistic caliber to be met or rigid guidelines to follow. We encourage our students to taste test as many art forms as they wish, however they wish, in order to find what works for them. To perhaps feel accomplished and at ease, share the imperfect process of creating art alongside friends, build a sense of community, and by and large feel from making music and art.

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Nicole poses at the premiere of the "Inclusion Is..." video in which she was featured.

It’s clear that Nicole embodies the CBS ideal. Utilizing the Interarts Center and CBS to achieve an even more authentic version of oneself, engage in self-expression, and realize one’s dreams. We were lucky to play a part in and witness all that she has accomplished in her evolution as an artist. Our hope is to continue providing this hub of creativity, comradery, and joy so that many more who come along can see their dreams through like Nicole. 



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